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ABR Training Privacy Policy

ABR Training Privacy Policy

ABR Training Terms & Conditions


ABR Training needs to gather and use certain information about individuals.
Information can be held by ABR Training relating to customers, suppliers, instructors, business contacts, course delegates, employees and other people that the organisation has a relationship with or may need to contact.


ABR Training holds electronic data required to:

  • Carry out its day to day functionality.
  • Produce a certificate for an individual who has attended a course.
  • Produce ‘delegate reports,’ when requested, by a company wanting to have details of their employees who have been on a course provided by ABR Training.
  • Share the individual’s details with the appropriate accrediting body for the type of training undertaken.
  • Process sales invoices to companies or individuals for services or training materials provided by ABR Training.
  • ABR Training holds electronic data on individuals on a database and on our accounting software.
  • ABR Training records and stores data on paper forms required to:
  • Carry out its day to day functionality, to test delegates who attend courses.
  • To produce a certificate for an individual who has attended a course.

Settlement Terms

Bookings must be fully paid against invoice 14 days before prior to course commencement. All certificates and/or operator ID cards will be forwarded upon successful completion of course.


Once booked courses will be subject to a 7 days cancellation policy. Courses cancelled 7 days or less before the course commencement date will be charged in full.

Should candidate(s) fail to show up for a booked course, all fees will be payable in full. Should the Instructor attend your premises to conduct a course, but is unable to do so, due to lack of facilities, or appropriate equipment, or any other failure which is your responsibility, all fees will be payable in full.

The following is requested.

  1. Candidates are physically fit and sufficiently mentally equipped to operate powerful machinery safely (if required). Contact your local Employment Medical Advisory Service for further guidance.
  2. A classroom type facility should also be available. This may be the canteen, rest room or a larger office, this room will be required for the duration of the course booked.
  3. The un-interrupted presence and attention of those attending the course for the duration of the course
  4. Candidates will be equipped with full PPE as per site requirements ie safety shoes hi-viz, gloves etc
  5. If required, an accredited interpreter must be supplied at the client’s expense. Failure to understand the Instructor will result in the operator’s inability to continue on the course. All courses will be conducted in the English language unless arranged prior to commencement.

Mechanical Handling Equipment Courses

  • Access should also be available to your racking or storage area at times agreed with the instructor once he/she is on site.
  • Access to your truck (one per course) in safe, sound mechanical state of repair for the duration of the course. LOLER certificates for all training equipment, inc accessories, to be made available at the start of each course
  • By confirming this booking you are authorising our instructor to operate your machinery (i.e. forklifts) on your premises.
  • Refresher/Conversion - Candidates must produce proof of previous training i.e. E-Mail, post or production upon course commencement. Failure to do so will involve candidate’s inability to continue on one day course